Trying to find a query:

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Trying to find a query:

Post by Juliebean98 » Fri Aug 05, 2022 3:22 pm

Looking for a custom query that may have similar results. :
All active patients who have the carrier %Delta Care%. Procedures we can search within a category range (ie. D0120-D1120) or (D4100-D4999)
We would like to query to show:

-Patient LFname Last, First
-Patients p.Wireless Phone #
-Patients Last Visit
-Patients Next Visit
-Primary Provider
-A list of each Procedure tx planned in order of priority
-Comm Log Type: Preferred Appointment Times - Note

This doesn’t seem like it would be too complicated. Does it. If you may know of queries I can combine that would be great too. TIA

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