3rd party vendors or AddOns that integrate with OD - "Are they using OD new API?"

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3rd party vendors or AddOns that integrate with OD - "Are they using OD new API?"

Post by rhaber123 » Sat Mar 12, 2022 1:03 am

If you can afford it, here is a link with a list of many 3rd party vendors that offer GREAT services that integrate with OD

https://www.opendental.com/site/vendors ... vices.html

Many of these vendors are using plugins or addon to integrate with OD and are whitelisted now. If your office is using any of their services, your office is OK.

OD is recommending that all vendors stop using plugins when they want to write data to OD data tables, and it will be better if they switch to OD new API when writing to their database.

The API offer better security, easier maintenance, avoid data corruption, etc....

You will start seeing friendly warnings displayed by OD, as of version 21.4, warnings that may get aggressive with later versions, warnings that you may not be able to remove unless you don't update OD

For international users, as they don't have a big choice of vendors to use with OD, it will be easier, OD decided that these plugins will keep working without any interruption

Whate are the options?

To update or not to update OD?

To get stuck with warnings or not to get stuck with warnings?

Or just ignore the warnings?

Test it on your home computer before you update.

Before you get stuck with warnings, ask your vendor, your provider of communication supplemental or addon services:

. "Are you using OD new API?"


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