New user needs server & essential services advice

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New user needs server & essential services advice

Post by rootdr » Thu Apr 14, 2022 4:55 pm

Hi Folks,
Really hoping I can get some guidance. Have always had access to a dedicated software package for my specialty, but now I don't and I don't have too much capital to outlay for some of those apps.
Always worked in Microsoft environments and understood org units, exchange, group policies, AD, etc. but have always been a Mac person.
I'm a solo practitioner after a career change and only see a small number of patients daily.

What would be a base-level Windows server that could run OD comfortably?
I was looking at this ... 1011028701 which would allow me to run RAID 1+0 with the 4 bays.
Are people keeping their MySQL or MariaDBs on external RAID arrays and using a fast SSD internally for the OSS?
Maybe add a redundant PDU.

Are people also using OpenDental for claims or one of the other "clearing houses?"

I will be using the office PCs in the colocation I am working out of to access OD after installing the local clients and so will the receptionist and insurance/billing coordinator. Really don't want to get into crazy complicated VLANs to separate my traffic from their EagleSoft traffic back to the switch, but if I have to for some obscure HIPAA rule, I will.

Also, what would you consider essential services to bolt on to OD. I realize I will have to get eScripts to write for the 3 control scripts I write in a 12 month period. Don't really need SMS appointment confirmation when I can have my receptionist call.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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