Poll for expansion of Official "No Fee" N codes?

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Poll for expansion of Official "No Fee" N codes?

Post by jcbdmd » Wed May 11, 2022 11:20 am

I posted about this some months back about expansion of the "No Fee" "N codes" in open dental and the thread died, so new thread different spin :D .

In our office we like to keep a "procedure code" entry for common items like full mouth periodontal probing, intraoral optical impression, delivery codes for the major material types of all prosthetics "Lithium Disilicate Crown Seat" "Flexible Base Partial Delivery" "Screw Retained Implant Crown Seat", etc. We like to assign a time to these new procedure codes to help with scheduling

I was wondering if there is any interest in an "official" expansion of the N codes?

Most of the response the first post got was "Hey doc just make your own" which we did in the Dentrix days and the previous staff created HUNDREDS of codes for everything under the sun, some of which are now official D codes and I am constantly finding my self wanting to go back and correct them to the new D code.

From a database best practices perspective, "crap in crap out" is the phrase I always think of. Having all of these crazy old codes is just cruft and cobwebs in my database table structure :).

It would be awesome if, like when Silver Diamine got called up to the big leagues, you could use a database tool to bulk replace all instances of an N code with a shiny new D code retroactively, which I would think is only possible if the selection of N codes closely matched what we do as accessory procedures on a day to day basis.

I realize adding to the code list should not be taken lightly, unintended consequences and whatnot, but what say you Open Dental userdom?

Anyone have any ideas how we could create an online poll ranking user submissions on the things they would like added?

If there is decent participation I would make a feature request with the "top 50" codes to be added...

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