The host does not support SSL connections

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The host does not support SSL connections

Post by pid_user » Tue Nov 23, 2021 3:58 am

Hello Team,

I need to insert data in EmailMessage table with built in method EmailMessages.Insert(object).
here is the sample code-
EmailMessage emailMessage = new EmailMessage();
emailMessage.PatNum = pat;
emailMessage.MsgDateTime = DateTime.Now;
emailMessage.SentOrReceived = EmailSentOrReceived.Sent;
emailMessage.FromAddress = fromMail;
emailMessage.ToAddress = tomail;
emailMessage.Subject = sub;
emailMessage.BodyText = msg;

when used with OpenDentBusiness 19.4.6 then it''s giving this error- The host does not support SSL connections and the data not inserted.

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Re: The host does not support SSL connections

Post by jordansparks » Tue Nov 23, 2021 10:35 am

You should use our API. Direct inserts to the database are not allowed. If you are using a built-in method, then I'm guessing you're using a plug-in. Plug-ins will fail to load in version 21.4 unless they are white listed, and staying white listed will become harder over time. We would probably not allow what you are doing, for example. As for the actual error, I think you have to specify SSL=false (or something like that) in the connection string. Research how to do that on the MySQL website.
Jordan Sparks, DMD

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