SMS Texting with Diafaan in Open Dental

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SMS Texting with Diafaan in Open Dental

Post by rhaber123 » Sun Jul 05, 2020 10:28 am

Text Messaging and call from inside OD for users in any country - Mopensoft SMS Plugin $89/year ... &t=6450

Setup instructions for Texting with Mopensoft SMS Plugin, Diafaan, and an android cellphone from Open Dental,

The Mopensoft SMS Plugin can be used with "Diafaan gateway" for texting on multiple computers in OD.

If you want to use Diafaan for Text Messaging in OD, the setup instructions are now available in the attachment below.

Mopensoft plugin has been whitelisted and will be working like all the other communication plugins like Flex, PatientXpress,Yapi, Modento, etc...
No date has been made to stop these plugins from working yet and deprecate them.
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Re: SMS Texting with Diafaan in Open Dental

Post by jordansparks » Sun Jan 09, 2022 10:34 am

Probably don't. We're deprecating plugins. They are far too dangerous and are causing database corruption. I'm not saying that this plugin is causing database corruption, but I'm explaining why we are deprecating plugins in general.

What can Mopensoft do? The plugin should instead be an exe. The button that's created in the top toolbar by adding the Mopensoft program link can call the exe each time it's clicked. It can also pass off some command line arguments to this exe. If Mopensoft wants to make an entry in the Open Dental database that a text was sent, then it needs to be done through the API instead of by direct manipulation. Yes, I realize this is going to be a painful transition for Mopensoft. Their business model will need to adapt, since $89/year won't cover the API costs.
Jordan Sparks, DMD

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Re: SMS Texting with Diafaan in Open Dental

Post by wjstarck » Mon Jan 10, 2022 12:09 pm

Well, as the developer of a plugin for over 13 years now...I'd have to agree with you. Plugins have been a two edged sword for me. On the one hand, infinite customizability. On the other, if the plugin utilizes any part of the OD UI or Business logic, and OD changes something, it can break a plugin which can leave customers confused. A lot of development time wasted on just trying to keep our plugin running while keeping up with the rapid development cycles of OD.

For our planning though, when do you anticipate support for plugins being removed - end of year? Just want to stay ahead of the curve. :D

Bill Starck, DDS
Big Idea Software, LLC
Developer, EASy(Electronic Anesthesia System) for Open Dental

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Re: SMS Texting with Diafaan in Open Dental

Post by rhaber123 » Wed Jan 12, 2022 12:24 pm

jordansparks wrote:
Sun Nov 07, 2021 8:14 am
Plug-ins must now be whitelisted in order to work.
If you have been using a plugin/addon for a while, your plugin is whitelisted, the functionality is not interrupted, and the dental office should not panic, you will be OK


Older Projects/ Plugins

Mopensoft plugin is whitelisted.

Open Dental whitelisted most of the existing Vendors plugins like Mopensoft, Flex, PatientXpress, Yapi, Modento, Card connect, DentalXchange, Moolah, X-charge, PaySimple, PayConnect
As per Jordan Sparks: " I'm not saying that this plugin is causing database corruption" , and all these plugins are not causing database corruption, he is mainly recommending a better and different alternative
If you are a user of any of these older plugins, they all still function.
Open Dental were planning on adding a warning advising the users that the plugin does not use the API, but it does not mean that these plugins are not working.

There is few hundred vendors that are still using there plugins, and most of them are Whitelisted now, and all working.

Newer Projects
For those developers who are starting a new project, using Open Dental API is no doubt a better option for them, easier to maintain, better security, and that should be the way to go.

Dr Bill Starck explained the advantage of using the API very well.

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