Integrate WHATSAPP messaging with Open Dental $20/month

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Integrate WHATSAPP messaging with Open Dental $20/month

Post by rhaber123 » Fri Jun 23, 2023 11:55 pm

Mainly International users like to use Whatsapp and Open Dental to reach out to their patient.
The setup is a little tricky, and involve connecting few apps togother , using Mopensoft SMS, Diafaan, and Wassenger.
Whatsapp business account is NOT required. You can use ANY Whatsapp account.
All errors have been corrected now. MAY TAKE 2-3 HOURS FOR BEGINNERS

You need Mopensoft SMS plugin "Required DLLS" 17.3.38 OR LATER FILES.

Please note that the latest version of Diafaan SMS Server 4.8 (basic- and full edition) include the script for the Wassenger WhatsApp service.
Instead of manually changing the script, it is now possible to select the Wassenger script when you add a new HTTP Gateway.

- Create a new HTTP Gateway and select the 'Wassenger (WhatsApp)' gateway.
- Fill in the API token from Wassenger
- (Optionally) Select HTTP server for Wassenger webhooks to allow inbound message

After you install Diafaan on your computer:

1- put Diafaan in the STARTUP folder so Diafaan will start when you start Windows.
2- -To allow Diafaan to connect to your cell phone and to your network you may need to give permission in Windows Firewall
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